Maria S.

There was a scientific study on the human brain. They had a volunteer go in a room for 24 hours and try to get out. There was only one door, no windows, and a light covred by a metal cone. The walls were made of very thick concrete. The volunteer looked around and thought about how to get out for a couple of hours. He broke the metal cone off and tried to use part of it to dig through the walls. He would stop every once in a while to keep thinking of an easier way, but he couldn't think of anything. He kept digging. By the time the 24 hours was up, he was less than halfway through the wall. The scientists let him out and observed what the man had done. The scientists asked the man some questions. At the end the man asked, "There is no way to get out of that room isn't there?" They said that there definately was. "How?" the man asked them. "You turn the knob on the door and push it open..."

funniness: 5.05

rating: PG