colt c.

There was a couple, and they had been wed for 30 years and been faithful to eachother the entire time. But after being married so long, the husband began to dread his wife, and sure enough, not long after their anniversary, the wife suffered a massive stroke. After she had been hospitalized for about a week, and there was not much recovery, the husband decided to stop waiting at her bedside for her to get better, and he went home and continued his life. The days went by, and he hadnt heard from the hospital. He decided that after he ran some errands, he would call and see what the status of his wife was. Oddly enough, just after he made this decision, the phone rang, and it was the head surgeon. "We need you to come down to the hospital sir," he said. "We have some news about your wife." So the husband drove to the hospital, went into the doctors office and sat down by the surgeon, who was seated at his desk. The surgeon looked at the husband, got up and said, "I have some bad news and some good news. Which do you want to hear first?" The husband answered, "The good news." "Ok," said the surgeon. "The good news is that your wife will continue to live. We estimate for at least a good 35 more years." "And the bad news?" Asked the husband. "The bad news," said the surgeon, "Is that she is in a vegetative state and will never recover, and that you will have to feed her baby food for the rest of her life, bathe her, take her to the bathroom, clothe her, and anything else that would need to be done." Enraged that he would have to live with that burdon for the rest of his life, he shouted "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?" And the doctor replied while laughing, "Yea she actually died last week."

funniness: 4.93

rating: PG