Toni W.

1,Honk if I'm driving OK!!!!!!!!!!! 2,ex husband in boot 3,Stop following me...I don't know where I am going 4,If you think I drive badly.... 5,Keep Honking I'm Reloading 6,Keep Honking I'm Reloading 7,I like Cats, They Taste Like Chicken 8,I may be fat but you are ugly and i can diet". 9,if you can read this i can slam on my brakes and sue you 10,If you don't like my driving then stay off of the sidewalk 11,Get any closer and you'll have to wear a condom! 12,Get off the phone and Drive 13,"Im not speeding, Im qualifying" 14,"i'm the boss","I asked my wife if it was o.k." 15,'2 blonde to be furious' 16,if you're gonna ride my @$$, at least pull my hair 17,Wife and dog missing: reward for dog 18,jesus loves you but I'm his favourite 19,YES I DO OWN THE ROAD' 20,god's last name is not dammit

funniness: 5.89

rating: PG-13