Ryan S.

There were three preachers and they all thought they were better than the others. One day they decided to prove who was the best. The challenge was to convert a bear. They all went to the forest and came back the next day. The first one had a cast on his arm and had a bad limp. When the others asked what happened he said, "I started reading the Bible to him, and we wrestled around for a while because he got mad. I sprinkled my holy water on him and he became calm." The second was in a wheelchair. They asked him what happened and he said, "We wrestled until we came to a creek. When we got to the creek , I dumped him in the water and baptised him making him become calm." The third had a body cast. They asked him what happened and he said, "Now that I think about it, maybe circumsicion wasn't the best place to start."

funniness: 5.71

rating: PG