Tim H.

Q. How many Pakistani's does it take to fill an elevator? A. As many as you want, shit squishes. Q. How do you start a riot in afghanistan? A. Throw a penny on the ground. Q. How do you find the richest man in afghanistan? A. Whoever picked up the penny. Q. How do you kill everyone in afghanistan? A. Throw the penny off a cliff. Q. Why did the jews spend forty years in the desert? A. One of them dropped a penny. Q. How do you know if a chinese person robbed your house? A. Your homework is done, your computer is better, and they're still trying to back out of your driveway. Q.What do you call an afghan with a pegleg? A. Shit on a stick. Q. Why weren't there any mexicans on star trek? A. They won't have jobs in the future either. Q. What do you call a building full of mexicans? A. A jail. Q. A mexican is riding in a car, who's driving? A. A cop. Q. Why do they call the camel the ship of the desert? A. Because it's full of arab semen. -Funny Quote I just recently found out that pluto is a dwarf planet. I think it's great that they found a place to pu t all those little bastards. I think that jupiter should be a mexico planet.

funniness: 4.46

rating: PG