Maria S.

There is a 4 story building, and one person lives on each floor. On the top floor lives a chef whose cutting board is right by his window. On the 3rd floor, there is a nude man who likes to hang his penis out of the window. On the 2nd floor, a painter lives there, and his favorite color is green. The only color paint he uses is green. On the bottom floor lives a blonde who loves pickles. One day, the chef accidently is holding his knife too loosely, and it falls out the window, slicing the nude man's penis off. The penis then falls into a bucket of green paint on the painter's windowsill, which tips over, making the penis fall into the blonde's window. The blonde happens to be very dumb and thinks that a pickle just fell from hevean. Seeing as she loves pickles...

funniness: 3.53

rating: PG