Brandon D.

A Jew, Italian, and Greek arrive at the Pearly Gates. All three beg for another life on Earth. God decides to agree on three conditions... (1. The Jew must restrain from being a penny-pincher. (2. The Italian must restrain from eating spaghetti for the rest of his new life. (3. The Greek must stop being a homosexual. If they break these rules they go to hell. They all think about it and they agree and become friens since they arived in heaven together. Five years later all three are walking together and they are on edge because they what to do what god told them to do. The group passes an Olive Garden and the Italian leaves the pack and eats spaghetti. Poof! The Italian goes to hell. So the Jew and Greek continue to walk down the street. The Jew sees a penny on the sidewalk and he can't resist. As the Jew bends over they both go to hell.

funniness: 6.15

rating: PG