Jack R.

One day at recess, Jimmy and his friends Alex and Jordan were playing together. They were all in fourth grade and the fifth graders would pick on them. A fifth grader named Billy went over to them and said, "Hey losers, I double-dog-dare you all to find a ball from the ball bin and shove it up your butt!" Then Jimmy said, "Why would we do that?" "Because," replied Billy "I'll give you each twenty dollars if you don't make any noise!" So the three fourth graders each walked over to the ball bin. Jimmy and Alex grabbed their balls and went back over to Billy. Alex volunteered to go first. He had a baseball. He started to squeeze it in his but, but it was to big and hard that he started to grunt. "You lose!" said Billy. Jimmy had a ping-pong ball. "C'mon," said Alex, "you can do this, Jimmy!" While Jimmy was un-buttoning his pants, Jordan was still busy looking for a ball. Jimmy started to push the ping-pong ball in, but he giggled. Alex said, "Come on! I could've done better!" "Sorry," said Jimmy, "I saw Jordan reaching for the basketball."

funniness: 2.67

rating: PG