Stephen K.

Once there was a girl who loved her monkey Jake. She brought Jake everywhere. One time she was going on Holidays to spain and she wanted to bring Jake with her but she couldn`t get past customs. So she went into the bathroom and shaved the monkey wrapped him up in a towel and passed Jake on as a Baby. She was on the aeroplane and the trolly girl was coming towards Jake in the towel. The trolley girl saw Jakes tail so she threw him off the plane THE END Actully i have a better joke Paddy English man Paddy Irish man and Paddy scots man were in the olimpics and the had a bet on who could throw a javillin the farthest. Paddy English man threw it 40m Paddy Scots man threw it 60m And Paddy Irish man threw it so far out of the stadium he won the bet instantly. On the otherside of the stadium there was a motor way and a carr had its sun roof open... You will never Guess what flew in the sun roof the javlin? nope THE MONKEY

funniness: 3.08

rating: PG