breanna s.

15 year old John was getting ready for his first date with his gorgeous new girlfriend, Cindy. But just a few hours before his date, he got terribly sick. He was throwing up every 5 minutes, and after that passed, he was having diahreah every few minutes. By the time of the date, John was still having dihareah about every 10 minutes. He was nervous that this might upset his date, but he decided to go anyways. He and his date planned to take a taxi to dinner and a train home. At the restraunt, John went to the bathroom several times. Cindy noticed this, but did not mention anything. About 20 minutes into the date, John had to go to the bathroom again, but didn't want to freak out Cindy again. He did notice that she was getting upset by his frequent bathroom visits. John could hold it no longer, and crapped his pants. He could feel it going all over his pants and down his leg. He quickly tied his jacket around his waist and said, "Hey Cindy, do you mind if we stop at Old Navy before we head home, i want to buy this sweater i have been looking at." Cindy agreed, and after dinner they went to Old Navy. John quickly grabbed the first sweater he saw and when Cindy went to look at something else, John went to find a pair of pants that looked almost the same as the ones he had on. He went to the cashier with the pants (and the sweater he grabbed). When he got to the cashier, he saw Cindy heading over to him. So he quickly said, "Just the pants." to the cashier. But she did not hear him at first so he whispered, "Not the sweater, just the pants." He paid, grabbed his bag, and headed off. On the train home, John said to Cindy, "I'm going to the bathroom one last time." he took his bag and headed to the bathroom. In the bathroom, he took off his pants and underwear, cleaned himself off as best as he could, and threw his dirty pants and underwear out the window. Then he opened his bag and pulled out...JUST THE SWEATER!

funniness: 6.44

rating: PG