aaron w.

A lot of Immagrants live in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. A Chinaman had a fruit and vegie shop. Every Friday his neighbour, a Greek bloke with a snack bar, used to pass his shop on the way to bank his takings and he always called out, 'What day is it, Chinaman?'. The Chinaman always replied, 'Flyday, you Gleek Plick' 'Not "Flyday" you dozy bastard, F-r-r-ri-day. Why don't you learn to speak English proper?' So, the Chinaman practiced all week. The next Friday, the Greek called out, as usual, 'What day is it, Chinaman' 'F-r-r-ri-day, you Gleek plick'

funniness: 2.92

rating: PG