Adam G.

Q. Have you ever seen the movie constipated? A. No, it never came out. Q. Why wasn't captain hook able to have sex any more? A. Because his balls itched and it was the first day with his hook. Q. Did you know that 4 out of 3 people can understand fractions? A. Nope, that's very interesting. Q. There are 3 kind of people. Do you kow what they are? A. yeah, people that can count, and peple that can't. Q. Which 6th grader has the best body? A. The blonde, because she's 21. Q. Were you ever open minded? A. Yes, but then my brain fell out. Q. Why is hte Divorced Barbie so much money? A. because it comes with all of Ken's stuff, including his future. Q. How can you tell if your mom is sucking someone's penis. A. by seeing someones pants having many different colors in the center. Q. Do you like hamburgers or french fries (hte classic joke) A. 13 year old boy: *Giggles* Hamburgers. A. 5 year old boy: Well, it depends where you get them.

funniness: 5.00

rating: PG