Sydney D.

It was Thanksgiving at Johnny's house. He was having company over for dinner and his family was getting all the last minute preparation complete. He was walking through his house just checking on things. He walks past the kitchen where his mother is stuffing the turkey and he hears his mom shout, "Fuck!" He asks her, "what's that mean mommy?" She replies with, "oh sorry hunnie, it's just another word for stuffing." and little Johnny carries on. Johnny walks past the bathroom where his father is shaving and hears him angerly shout, "shit!" He asks his father, "what's that mean daddy?" Slightly startled his father replies with, "Oh son, it's just another word for my shaving cheam." With this answer Johnny continues on. He walks down the hall and hears his sister listening to music. While singing he hears her say the words bitch and bastard. Curious he asks, "Big sis, what's that mean?" Somewhate taken aback, she answers quickly with, "Oh hey Johnny. They are just the same thing as ladies and gentlemen." Satisfied with the answer little Johnny walks to see his brother. Apon arriving to his brother's room, he see's him looking at a magazing and repeating the words, "boobs and tits, boobs and tits." Johnny asks, "Hey bro! What are those?" Shocked, his older brother simply tells him that they are the same thing as coats and boots. Again this is a satisfying answer. On Johnny's way to the living room to wait for his guests, he hears the doorbell ring and shout, "I'll get it!" At the door stands many of his relatives. His greating goes something like this. "Hello bitches and bastards. Ill take your boobs and tits. My mom is in the kitchen fucking the turkey and my dad is in the bathroom shaving the shit off his face."

funniness: 6.94

rating: R