Taylor F.

There was a man who wanted a rooster so that he could breed his chickens. So he went to a a friend's farm and asked if he had a rooster for sale. The friend said "Sure, I have a rooster. But I have to warn you. This guy is as randy as a rabbit. If you don't watch out, he'll kill himself screwing anything that moves!" "No problem", said our hero, and bought the rooster. On the way home, he gave the rooster a pep talk. "Don't wear yourself out", he said, "just get the chickens done, and then you can go and do other animals." So he sent the rooster on his way, and to his amazement, the rooster did the chickens, moved on to the cat, then the dog, and finally, hopping like he was on springs, tried his best with the cows. The next morning the guy woke up to find the rooster prostrate on the ground with buzzards flying over head. In great remorse, he bent down and cried out "I should have known better! My friend warned me, and now I've let my rooster die of exhaustion!" All of a sudden the rooster picked up his head, and with an irritated look says "Shhhhh! They're getting closer!"

funniness: 4.53

rating: PG-13