colt c.

A man walked into a bar with a lepricon on his shoulder. He sat down next to a black man and ordered a bud light, and as he did the lepricon ran up the black man?s arm, put his hands in a cupping motion around his mouth and made a pppppphhhhh sound in the mans ear. The man smacked the lepricon off, and it ran back to its master. Later the master ordered another beer, and as he drank it the lepricon ran up the black man?s arm and cupped his hands around his mouth and made the ppppphhhh sound again. Furious, the man struck the lepricon off, stood up and said to the master, ?if that lepricon does that one more time, I am going to cut its dick off!? the master, finding this amusing, responded, ?You can?t do that. He doesn?t have one.? ?Then how does he pee?? asked the man. And the master said ?Well, he cups his hands around his mouth, and makes a ppppphhhhhh sound as it comes out.

funniness: 3.88

rating: PG