David S.

There was once a the 5th grade teacher named Mrs. Meighers who assigned the following report: Who do you idolize? It had to be at least 2 pages. The person could be alive or dead. When the report was due, Mrs. Meighers aske if anyone wanted to read their reports in front of the class. 4 hands shot up. They were of a boy named Billy, a girl named Jane, a boy named Daniel, and a girl named Jessie. Billy, who was asian, was a boy obsessed with the army. He chose his dad, who was in the army. Daniel, who was hispanic, was obsessed with movies. He chose Steven Spielberg. Jane, who was a brunette, came next. She loved singing and chose Gwen Stefani, who was of course her favorite singer. Finaly came Jessie, who was a blonde. She chose Thomas Edison. Her report was only one sentence long. it went like this: " I admire Thomas Edison because if it wasn't for him, we'd be watching television by candlelight."

funniness: 7.19

rating: G