Roy T.

Three men were hiking the Appalacian Trail, when they decided to seek shelter from a nasty storm. Not able to find a place to camp, they found a nearby farmhouse and knocked on the door. "Sir, do you mind if we spend the night here, it's raining and cold out here!" The farmer looked them up and down and said "Aye, you can sleep in my guest room, but not one of you better'n lay a finger on my daughter!" Just then they see a gorgeous blonde girl, peeking shyly from the back of the farmhouse. The men came in, and they ate a nice meal of some stew, and some real moonshine. Soon enough they were tipsy and unable to keep their eyes open, so they retired to the guest room. After they had gone to bed, the man of the house placed a razor blade inside his daughters pussy. The next morning, the men all were woken up by the wonderful smell of bacon. They came into the dining room, where there was a big pile of bacon, eggs and biscuits. "Befor'n you eats your vittles this morning, I needs you to show me that you didn't touch my daughter- show me your hands." The men raised their hands, and one of them was missing a finger. So the farmer shot him. "OK, now you two- drop your pants." So they dropped their pants, and one of them was missing his penis, so he was shot. He turned to the third boy and said, "Congratulations, for showing such self control and respect, you may take my daughters hand in marraige." And the man smiled and said "mmmmpphhh mpppeehhjh mmphhh."

funniness: 6.90

rating: R