layo a.

Three young mexicans decided to come to america .when it was two weeks to their planned departure time , they boasted and braged of their going to America. then a woman ask them " tu hablar englaise"! meaning do u speek english! the first answered and said oh i know what to say when i got to america. then the second an the third said exactly the same thing in spanish each holding to the three things a dude who came to visit from america said if someone is offering them a job. unfortunately for them non of the can speak a complete english each lying to them selves,one know a full sentence , the second know a phrase and the third can say a clause well. when they got to america they started roaming about surprised to see so many white houses and many other amingos. then they got to a spot where one nigga had just shot another nigga to death, they felt sorry for the dead dude and sympatize with him until the cops met them there. the cops ask them what happen to the dead dude then the first guy who wanted to show his friend he can speak english said "we are three" shaking his head in sympathy the cops taking them for the killer ask " why do you kill him" the second guy think he should show his friend he can speak english too and said his phrase "because of money"shaking his head too, the cops were so mad at them that they said "we are taking you to the station" the third guy found this the oppurtunity to brag too and said "we are ready" doing the excat thing the other two did the cops angrily bounded them with cuffs and drive them straight to jail.

funniness: 3.57

rating: PG