Roy T.

Joebob was a West Virginia Coal Miner, and had 12 kids living in the ol' doublewide with his wife Ella-Mae. The news that she was pregnant with number 13 made him decide to visit the local doctor. So he hopped in his pick-up, and drove to the nearest hospital. When he got there, he was directed to Doctor Jones' office. "Dr. Jones, I got 12 kids, number 13 on the way, I can't afford this anymore, and I need you to snip my balls or somethin'" "Well, sir, this is something very easy for us to take care of. All I need is for you to get a Coke can and a firecracker." "A Coke can and a firecracker? What are you some sort of quack? I'm going to West Virginia University and talk to a real Doctor!" So Joebob hopped back in his pickup and drove up to Morgantown, where he was directed to Dr. Jones at the University Medical Center. He again explained his dilemna, and was shocked when the Doctor told him to collect a Coke can and a firecracker. So again, he stormed out, and this time he drove across the border to Virginia, and visited a hospital there. He sat down with Doctor Wilson, and started to tell him his problem. "Ah yes, you will need a vascetomy. We'll can do the surgery today, but it will take a couple of days to recover." "A couple of days? I need to get back home to West Virginia, I have to work the night shift at the coal mine tonight!" "Oh, you're from West Virginia? In that case, all you'll need is a Coke can and a firecracker." Joebob sighed, and said "well, I was told the same thing at my local hospital, at the WVU hospital and now in Virginia so it must be true." And he left the office to collect the items. After a while he returned to Dr. Wilsons office and asked him what does he need to do. "Ok, first light the firecracker, and drop it into the can." "Ok" "Now count to ten." (this part is visual) Joebob starts counting his fingers, and when he gets to five, running out of fingers, he places the coke can between his legs, and keeps counting...

funniness: 5.17

rating: PG