Gomeh B.

A doctor starts his practice a few miles from a Native American village. One day he is surprised to see the chief of the villagers come in. "What can I help you with?" asks the doctor. "Big Chief no shit." Replies the Chief. The doctor supplies him with two pills telling him to take them once he gets home. The very next day, The Chief returns. "Big Chief no shit." Big Chief tells the doctor. "It looks like you have a serious case of constipation, take these." The doctor says and sends him a more powerful pill. The next day Big Chief returns to be sent home with a higher dosage of a very strong laxative. Finally, the day after, Big chief returns to say once again, "Big Chief no shit." "All right that's it!" Says the doctor. "Take these it's my most potent medicine, just take it all!" The doctor says in a very frustrated and disgruntled tone. A few hours later, a younger and more limber Native comes quickly to the doctor with a terrified lookon his face. "What troubles you?" asks the doctor. The Native is out of breath and says in a distressed manner, "Big shit..... No chief!"

funniness: 5.00

rating: PG