Matt B.

One day, a little boy and a little girl were playing in their sandbox. After playing for a while, they decide to drop their pants and compare. After looking at each other for a while with no idea what either part was, they decided to ask their Mom. So the little boy ran in, pants still down, and said "Mommy, whats this?" as he said this he pointed down. She thought for a second, knowing that he wasn't old enough to really learn and said "Dear, thats your truck" The little boy said "Cool" and ran off. A little later, the girl ran in, and asked the same thing, only the mom would say that it was her garage. After a couple hours, the little girl ran in, pants down, blood on her hands, and screaming, she said "Mommy, Mommy we tried to put the truck in my garage, but the back wheels didn't fit so we cut them off!"

funniness: 4.93

rating: R