Jase M.

One day a man walked into a hotel and wanted to book a room. He walked up to the lady at the counter. "Hi, I was wondering if I could book a room for the night?" He asked her. "Sure, I think we have a room available on the second floor. There is only one thing though; there is no sink in the room." Replied the lady. "That's alright. I will just shave off the balcony!" The man said, and he left to his room. A few minutes later, another man entered. "Hi, I was looking for a room for the night." He said to the lady. "Umm, I think there is one available on the first floor. Except there is no toilet in the room." The man was pretty desperate to find a place to stay so he said it was ok. "I will just pee of the balcony!" He said, and he left for his room. Another man entered soon after. "Hey, I was looking for a room to stay in." He said. The lady at the counter was amazed at all the people coming in. "We have one left, just down the hall." She replied. "That will do nicely!" Said the man, and he headed off. "Oh, one thing," said the lady, remembering something her manager told her, "There is a new barbecue in the garden of that room, could you please test it out for us!" "Yea ok!" Replied the man and he walked to his room. The next morning the first man came back to return the key. He looked angry and sad. "What's wrong?" Asked the lady at the counter. "Well when I was shaving off the balcony this morning, I dropped my shaver!" He replied, and stormed out of the hotel. A few minutes later the second man came running out holding his groin area. He looked shocked, and was panting. "What happened?" Asked the lady. "This morning when I was peeing off the balcony, a shaver came out of no-where and chopped off my penis! Quick call the hospital!" He yelled, and ran out of the hotel. The lady was appalled, but she quickly forgot when the last man came out of his his room. "Going out for lunch?" She asked him. "Oh no, I'm full!" He replied. "Oh, did you test out the barbecue?" "Yea I did actually. I didn't have any food to cook, but when I went out to look at it this morning, there was a sausage already there! So I cooked it up and it was delicious! All my friend will know about this hotel, with the complimentary breakfasts they provide!" Replied the man, and he left the hotel.

funniness: 5.57

rating: PG-13