jared b.

once there was this art class and three pupils were told to go draw anything on the blackboard.The first pupil went and drew an elephant and the teacher waz happy.the 2nd pupil went and drew a house and the teacher was even more happy.Then the 3rd pupil was called.he proudly went infront and drew a blue fish.WHAT!! the teacher asked with rage and he sent the poor little boy out of class. meanwhile the skul principle waz walking around when he saw a boy standing out of the classrooom.he went up to him and asked the boy why he had been sent out.the boy simply told him that he had drawn a blue fish.after a proper thawk in the ass,the boy was chased out of skul and his parents came for him at home his parents asked him what he had done and with tears the boy told his parents about the blue fish.afterwards the mum ran to the kitchen got a fork and chased the boy out of the house. Now the poor old boy was alone in the streets when he met with some cops.the cops asked him what he was doin alone in the streets and the boy painfuly explained to them that he had been chased out of home and skul coz of drawing a blue fish.the cops quickly drew out thier cufs and arrested the poor creature. the boy was now in jail and there was this meeting for gansters where they discussed thier achivements."i stole a car."said one."I robbed a bank." said another. they went on and on till they reached this little boy and they all asked the same question,what did you do?the boy lookd at them then told them obout the blue fish.they all bursted with envy and rage till they started beating him up.The poor boy had to be kicked out of jail or else he would die. soon word reached Darren that his small brother had been chased out of skul,home and had been taken to jail.so Darren quickly went in prsuit for his lil brother.After searching for hours he finaly found him crying under a tree.Darren told him not to worry and that everything was okay so there he was with his big brother driving back home.it was not long before his big brother asked him the big question."so what have you done?" This time he was clever and he insisted not to tell his brother coz the same thing would happen all over again.however after a while when his big brother had just joined the high way this lil boy finally descided to trust his brother. gathering all his guts he cleared his throat and remarked,"i drew a b b b blu blue fish."even before the big brother could land a blow on him,he opened the car door,jumped out while the car was doing 80mph got hit by an upcoming truck and he died. the moral of the story is,YOU SHOUDN'T JUMP OUT OF SPEEDING CARS IN A HIGH WAY

funniness: 2.17

rating: PG