Heidi C.

A man was out at sea with the navy for about 8 months, upon his arrival back to land he decided he needed some pussy. He stopped at a nearby whorehouse and told the maddam that he had been out at see for so many months and proceeded to tell her that all he had on him was $50. He then asked are there any whores available for $50? She proceeded to tell him that all the whores were $100 or over.The man put his head down and began to walk off, the woman said wait a minute and grew a big smile on her face. She said there is on for $50, but there are two conditions! The man said sure thats fine what are they? The maddam explained that he had to go to room # 23, leave the lights off and he had to wear this black condom with a big grin on his face he said thats great! So she handed him the condom! Needless to say he went back to room 23 and fucked the shit out of the whore! He came out and said thanks that was the best pussy i've ever had. But, he said, I just have one question , why did I have to wear that black condom? The maddam replied because my dear you have to have respect for the dead!

funniness: 5.45

rating: R