Cristina M.

One night Timmy was taking a shower with his dad. Timmy looked down and asked hid dad, "What's that long thing down there?" "That's Daddy's chu-chu train." his dad replied. The next night Timmy took a shower with his mom. Timmy looked up and asked his mom, "What are those two things you have?" "Those are mommy's headlights." she replied. "Oh, then what's that hole down there?" asked Timmy. "That's mommy's tunnel." replied Timmy's mom. That night, Timmy had a bad dream and went to sleep in his parent's room. As he was about to fall asleep, he turned over and yelled, "Mommy quick turn on your headlights. Daddy's chu-chu train is about to go inside of your tunnel!"

funniness: 3.80

rating: PG-13