katherine z.

there was once a man who had a very small penis. his girlfriend tells him she will break up with him unless he increases his size.so he goes and asks his dad for advice.his dad tells him that there is a guru at the end of the lane.so he goes to the guru's plce.the guru stays on the 70th floor and the building has no lift or stairs.there is only one stinky rope to take him up there.so he starts climbing and his handss become wet with stink.finally he reaches the 70th floor and tells the guru his problem.so the guru gives him an apple and says"every bite you take out of this apple will increase your pp's size by 1 inch.so the guy finishes off 1 apple and is extremely happy.he asks the guru "you have so many apples .how come you dont have a huge penis."the guru answers"what do you think you climbed up on?"

funniness: 5.17

rating: R