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3 men were traveling together and decided to rest for the night. They went inside to the first hotel they spotted. When they got there, the manager inside said that they were completly booked up. The manager offered them that for $10 each, they could sleep on the lobby. The 3 men agreed. Later that night, the manager decided that he had charged to much considering that the lobby furniture was not to comfortable. He went to give the men $5 back. He entered the lobby and gave them back the money. The 3 men decided that since the manager was doing such a good job, that they would split the $5- $1 for each man, and a $2 tip to the manager. This is where the mathmatical miss happens. If each man paid $10, then altogether the spent $30. Since each man was given back $1, they therefore only paid $9 each, and $27 total. If you add the $2 given to the manager it equals $29. If they originally paid $30 and ended up with $29, what happened to the missing dollar? This is a called a mathmatical miss.

funniness: 5.91

rating: G