Hattie A.

There was once 2 men walkin though a desert when in the distance they saw a small house, so they rushed over to it. When they got close they saw a naked women standing outside it with flies all around her and she stank. Regardless, they went up to her and asked her for some water. She said that she would only give them some water if they had sex with her. The first man immediately refused, however the second man said he would as long as he got some water afterwards. So they went inside and the man said he would have sex with her ONLY if she shut her eyes. She agreed. She shut her eyes and the man looked around him and the first thing he saw was some corn on the cobs. So he used one of them then chucked it out the window before the women opened her eyes. She gave him the water then said she would give him water for his friends if he had sex with her again. He agreed. So she shut her eyes again and again he used a corn on the cob, then chucked it out the window before she opened her eyes. The man then left the house with two bottles of water, he went outside and gave his friend a bottle of water. However the first man turned around and said to his friend "dont worry about the water try these buttered corn on the cobs!"

funniness: 5.45

rating: PG-13