bri bri b.

One day God was hanging out at the Pearly Gates with St. Paul. "I need to find someone to run for president," he said after a while. Attentive to his boss' needs, St. Paul started naming off a few qualified candidates. "Nah, I want that guy," he said pointing to a drunken Texas governor pissing off a balcony. "You've got to be kidding," said St. Paul, "Not only is he dumber than a box of rocks, he's got drinking and drug problems." "I don't care," said God, "This is the guy." Perplexed, St. Paul asked: "What is the problem, Lord, art thou angry with the Americans?" "No," said God, "I made a bet with the Devil that I could get a village idiot to run for president." "But won't that work in the Devil's favor, oh Lord?" Paul asked. "That's all right," said God, "he'll never take Florida."

funniness: 4.11

rating: PG