Kacey J.

On Christmas eve last year, there was a bum who didn't have a place to stay. He went to knock on doors but everyone slammed the door in his face. Finally he knocked on a door and a sweet lady let him sleep in her bathtub. He was laying there for a few minutes, then he felt water dripping on him. It was underwear hanging from the curtain rod. He got so mad that he thought to himself, "if it drips on me one more time, I will pull it down and throw it across the bathroom". It dripped on him, so he pulled it down and threw it across the room. The lady got a little upset with him, so she made him sleep on the couch. Her cat was sleeping next to him, and was coughing up a hairball. He was getting really pissed, so he shaved the cat. The lady was getting a little freaked out so she gave him a third chance. She sent him out to the stables. He was in a stable with a donkey. The donkey kept on making noises. The bum got so mad because he still hadn't slept, so he kicked the donkey. The lady went to the police and was so mad she said "This bum came into my house, pulled down my underwear, shaved my pussy, and kicked my ass!!!"

funniness: 6.43

rating: PG-13