Timothy N.

An African man walks into a bar with his white slave on a leash and says,"I'll have a Screwdriver and my slave will have regurgitated cat food." "Alright,", says the bartender,"Here's your Screwdriver, but i'll have to check the back for some up chucked cat food. Wait fifteen minutes." So the man waited while contently drinking his Screwdriver and sure enough the bartender shows up with a jar of regurgitated cat food and dumped it on the white slaves head. The bartender laughs heartly as he watchs the slave wipe it off. when the silent slave finishes wiping off the vomit and his skin turns black. "What the hell?!" shout the slave owner and the bartender simaltaneously."Get him on a boat to America!" Shouts the bartender. "Son of a bitch!",shouts the slave,"The same damn thing happens every year in the same damn two countries!"

funniness: 2.50

rating: PG-13