brittany d.

this are 10 reasons why you might be a jerk if you get 1 of these your not a jerk 3 you just probably was having a dad day 5 youre a jerk 7 your an awsomely bad ass whole who needs to work on not being a jerk 10 your a jerk whos probably going to grow old and lonely and have noone there to empty his bedpan (1)if your standing in a long line and its about 50 people in front of you and im one of them and you keep on telling me to move up your a JERK why? dude im not in front you think me moving up would move the damn line news flash it would get my ass kick at the least. (2)if were in the movies and someone walks in and say this seat taken when it obiviously not your a JERK ! why why would you ocuppy a seat that isn`t yours and if its because you want to have both of your elbows on the seats then move to a damn empty space or go sit on the damn floor. (3)if you see a dead bird and you just have to set it on fire your a JERK why? because the got damn bird is already dead how many freakin times do it have to die. (4) if you go with a girl just to get in her panties your a JERK and aDUMBASS why? ok you take her to the movies 24$ you then take her out to eat 48$ you then take her back to your place for some wine from your parents stash that maybe smart but that ass whopping isn`t you end up having to pay it off 56$ your total is 128 thats why you are a jerk and your a dumbass mostly a dumbass because a damn prositute only cost 50$ and you have to see that amy all your life (5) when someone ask you a ouestion you stare like your paying attention and just nodd your head your a JERK why? hey dav (nod) you gay (nod) your just playing right(nod) well your mom called ( nod ) and said your daddy may not be your daddy (nod) hey dav you wanna have sex (nod) next thing your getting fucked in the ass. (6) when you have your friend call your girlfriend to tell her hes breaking up with her ok i see that you care for her feeling but tell him why your breaking up with her esipode 2 the breakup friend-hello is this hannah hannah - yea friend - dav says hes breaking up with you hannnah-omg!!! friend - he said because your a whining lil bitch and he met someone new and she nows how to suck a cock better then you anyways and he think you gave him vd your a JERK. (7) if your seating in the back of the car and you keep asking is we there yet ok your bored restless but when you been there a hundred times and no the route your a jerk! (8)if you see a geek and you just have to pick on them ok everyone goes thourgh that but if your mother is an rocket scientist and your dad is an naroligical dortor who studies the brain and you have pictures of them all over your room your a JERK (9)if you making fun of the asian exchange student becaus e he doesn`t speak perfect english your a JERK why? hes a got damn exchange student hes gonna learn perfect english the go back to his people like hey moms hey pops im back from my awesome journey to america and he forget none of his family speaks english (10)if you see the most beatiful flower in the world and you just have to pick ok thought ful but if you no its gonna die ok not that big of a jerk but if its in your mothers garden jerk news flash she planted she should no how the GOD DAMN FLOWER LOOKS.

funniness: 1.80

rating: PG-13