Conan S.

Little Willie had just come home from Sunday school, and his mother questioned him about the lessons he had learned that day. "Well, Ma," he said, "we learned about the time Moses was leading the children is Israel out of Egypt. And how Pharaoh sent his U-2 planes to spot them and then shelled them with rockets and strafed them from the jet planes... "And how, when the Israelites got to the Red Sea and thought they were lost, Moses had his engineers put an atom bomb in the bottom of the sea to spread the waters, and then they crossed in safety." "Why, Willie," said his mother, "I do believe you're fibbing! You couldn't have learned THAT at Sunday school!" "You're right, Mom," answered Willie "But if I told you what I REALLY learned, you'd never believe me, either!"

funniness: 4.71

rating: G