treecear t.

A young girl and boy are having a bath together and the girl notices the boys penis at the exactly the same time the boy notices the girls vigina they both say together whats that? the girl says i dont know ill ask my mom and the boy says i dont know either ill ask my dad so they go off to find their parents. The girl says to her mother mom whats this? her mother says that my dear is your garrage you have to stop as many men from getting their car in your garrage as you can. The boy says to his father dad whats this? his father says that by old chap is your car you have to try to park your car in as many womens garrages as you can. Later that evening the two parents hear the boy screaming and come to the stairs where thy find the girl covered in blood. They ask her what happened and she says My friend tried to park his car in my garrage so i ripped his weels off.

funniness: 5.73

rating: PG-13