A R.

A man named Rob lived next to these two lesbians in an apartment building. Everyday, he hears the thumping of the bed, the happy moans, and the screaming giggles of their sex. One day, he got so annoyed that he decided to put a stop to it. Instead of calling the cops to complain and have them arrested for disturbing the peace (like there is any) but he ran to his car. He drove his car to a store that sold sex toys. He grabs two dildos, purchases them and brings them back to the apartment building. When he gets back, he runs to the lesbian's apartment door and yells, "IF YOU DON'T STOP FUCKING SO LOUD AND HARD, I'M GOING TO STICK THESE FUCKIN' DILDOS UP YOUR GODDAMN ASSES!!" Everything went quiet.

funniness: 4.36

rating: R