cesar o.

one day peteys teacher said "your homework assingment is to go home and write down the first words that your family says" petey goes home and hes dad is on the phone with a guy from a company, petey says "hey dad", the father not paying attention to his son says to the guy on the phone "go fuck your mother" so petey writes it down. with the words his dad just said to him he goes into the kitchen and tells his mom "mommy,dad just told to me to go fuck my mother." the mother is furious at the dad and says "where's that son-of-a-bitch im gona kick his ass" so peteys writes it down. with the words from his parents already down he just needs his little brother word so he goes to the brothers room and stand outside his room and listens to him, the little brother is singing the batman theme song "batman,ta da da da" petey writes it down. petey is siting in class the next morning when the teacher says "ok, class bring out your homework. petey you can go first" petey: "go fuck your mother" teacher: what kind of laugnge is that im gona go get the principle petey: "wheres that son-of-a-bitch im gona kick his ass" teacher: who do u think you are petey: "batman, ta da da da"

funniness: 4.00

rating: R