Nathan V.

A Mexican man, an American man, and an African man are in an airplane together. While they are flying, the pilot comes in the back to tell them that the engines are starting to die, and the only way to survive is to lose weight. The men look at each other and begin to think what they should throw off of the plane. The Mexican man takes a taco and throws it off the plane and says, "We have too many of these in my country." Then the African man takes a pair of sunglasses and a bandana and says, "Yeah, we got a lot of these too." and throws them off of the plane. The two men then look at the American anxiously waiting to see what he will throw off. After a long pause, he walkes over to the edge and says, "We have WAY too many of these in my country!" He then walks back, grabs the other two men by the collar, and throws them off the plane.

funniness: 4.76

rating: PG