Lamondre' H.

Once apon a time there was a boy named Johnny Fug-Her-Fasta. Johnny and his mom were sitting at the dinner table eating. Johnny's mom said "Sweety, I'm gonna take a little walk, I'll be back soon. So when she left, Johnny called his girlfriend over and they headed to Jonny's room. When they got into his room, Johnny had a hassle with trying to lock his door, so his girlfriend told him to leave it, and pulled Johnny on top of her. She whispered in his ear ,"Make love to me", and he went at it. They went for 30 minutes, non-stop in another world. They were in so deep they didn't recognize Johnny's mom enter the house. When she walked through the door she sensed it in the air. She walked down the hall to Johnny's room, swung open the door, and saw what Johnny was doing. She gasped in amazement. "Johnny Fug-Her-Fasta!", she screamed. "Okay Mom!", yelled Johnny. "Oh my Johnny Fug-Her-Fasta!", she screamed for a second time. "Okay Mom", Jonny yelled out. "Johnny Fug-Her-Fasta!", she screamed once more. "Ma, I'm goin as fast as I can", Johnny belted out. "Johnny come at once!", she screamed with tears rolling down her face. Johnny had came, and rolled over off of his friend. She walked over to Johnny's bed and yelled, "Johnny Fug-Her-Fasta". "MOM!" Johnny panted, "I can't Fug-Her-Fasta when you just told me to come!"

funniness: 3.93

rating: PG-13