Get F.

So,a king had a very long dick.More than a 1000 servants used to carry his dick.But one day all the servants get tired and they resign from the job of carrying the dick.All of them drop the dick where they werecarrying it but some of them do not notice that they left the dick on a train track. The same day a train was passing through the track but it stop in between as they knew that it was the kings dick.Then they had a problem,nobody was ready to carry the dick.The queen comes to know about it.The railway minister was her brother,so she had to do something about it.She goes in front of the king and strips herself.THE KING THEN BECOMES HORNY AND HIS DICK RISES IN THE AIR AND THE TRAIN PASSES. CHOOOOOOOOOO CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

funniness: 3.73

rating: PG-13