jennifer c.

One day the first grade teacher decides to give the kids a test. She has a bag of candy on her desk and explains to the class that it is a taste test. She calls Suzie to the front of the class, blind folders her and gives her a peppermint. She sucks on it for a minute and the teacher asks, "Well, what flavor is it?" Suzie replies its peppermint. "Very good, Suzie, you may sit down," the teacher says. Next she calls Ben to the front, blindfolds him and gives him a butterscotch. After a couple seconds he tells her its a butterscotch. "Very good," the teacher says, "You may sit down." Finaly, she calls on Johnny, blindfolds him and gives him a Hershey Kiss. He was sucking on it but just could not guess what it is, so the teacher tells him she will give him a hint. "Well Johnny, its something your mummy gives your daddy before bed," she tells him. Johnny was thinking, when all of the sudden Jimmy jumps up from the back of the class and yells "SPIT IT OUT JOHNY ITS A PIECE OF ASS!!!!!!!"

funniness: 7.13

rating: PG-13