Leah N.

One day Bradley needed to go to a busness trip in Austraila. As he looked for a seat, he saw a Chinese man, and a Japanese man. Since there was no more room he decided to sit with them. What a ca-winky-dink! They were all going to the same busness trip. So they decided to get to know each other better. As they were talking, the Chinese man's foot had started vibrating. Then he said, "Oh, please excuse me that must be my beeper." He took off his shoe and on the big toe there was a number to call. Then he disapeared to a phone. Finally he came back. "Sorry about that, I have a beeper implanted in my foot. The boss said that we are to report right to him when we get off." After that every thing went back to normal, that is, until the Japenese man's hand started beeping. He put his hand to his ear and started talking. After a while he put his and down and apologized for the interuption. He had a cell phone implanted in his hand. Well when all the commotion was done, Bradley felt behind the time. He had a beeper on his pants instead of his foot and a cell phone in his pocket instead of his hand. Well all this feeling went away when nature called. When he came back, the two men were staring at him very strangly. There was some awkard silence until one of them spoke. "Um, you have paper coming out of your pants" the Chinese man said. Trying to act cool and in touch with the future he said, "Oh, that must be my fax!

funniness: 5.55

rating: PG