Luis M.

An American an a Mexican were shooting for ducks from oppisite sides of the border. Suddenly they both spot a big, beatiful duck. They both aim and both shoot at the same time. The duck falls and lands rite in the border line. They both run to chase their winnings. They both meet and begin to argue. "Howdy Partner" says the American. "Im sorry to tell ya this but that duck there is mine" "No campradre" says the mexican in the best english he can. "That duck is mio (mine" They begin to argue again and when the Mexican has an idea. 'Mira,(look)Gringo, lets play a peque?o (small) game of witts" "What are ya thinking of partner" said the American "Well kick each other in the Huevos (balls) and whoever takes the most hits gets the duck" "its a deal partner "says the American the mexican again " since its my idea, i hit u first" "Okay buddy, take your bests shots and will se who wins" says the American The mexican begins to kick, 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10... "No more" yells the American "give me a rest and then its my turn" "Ha, u can have the duck" replies the Mexican

funniness: 6.00

rating: PG