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It was the first day at kindergarden for Jimmy, Billy, and Little Johny. The teacher wanted the kids to speak more like bigger kids. She went up to Jimmy and said, "Jimmy, what did you do this summer?" Jimmy says, "I went on a choo-choo!" the teacher corrects him, "No Jimmy, you went on a TRAIN" So then she goes up to Billy, "Billy, what did you do this summer?" the response, "I went on a choo-choo too!" No Billy, you ALSO WENT ON A TRAIN". then she moves on to Little Johny, "Johny what did you do this summer?" Johny says, "I read a book!" the teacher is overjoyed, "Great! what book was it Johny?" Johny, remembering to use more mature words, replied, "WINNIE THE SHIT!"

funniness: 6.59

rating: PG