Emily B.

A mother tells her triplets that they can have sex for their first time on their sixteenth birthday. So on their sixteenth birthday each triplet goes into her own room. They all come out about two hours later and talk to their mom. The mom says, "I can't help but notice the noises coming from your rooms." The mom says to the first triplet, "I heard you screaming." The first triplet replies, "Mom! Why didn't you tell me it would hurt so bad?" To the second triplet she says, "I heard you moaning." The second triplet replies, "Mom! Why didn't you tell me it felt so good?!?!" And to the third triplet she says, " I actually didn't hear anything coming from your room. Why is that?" The third triplet replies, "Well, Mom, you always taught me not to talk with my mouth full..."

funniness: 5.95

rating: PG-13