Katelyn S.

A man was walking down the street one day with his pet parrott on his sholder. As they passed a meat stand the worker was shouting, "Bologna! Bologna!" Then they were walking past a man haul and tons of men were yelling in unison "Pull him up! Pull him up!" As they were almost home they walked past a carnival and the parrott heard someone say "Hey fat lady, win a prize!" The next day in church the preacher was saying "God is up there in heaven..." The parrott said "Bologna! Bologna!" The preacher ignored this and then said, "The devil is in hell..." At which the parrott responded "Pull him up! Pull him up!" This was the last starw for the preacher who threw a chair at the bird but the bird dodged it and when it hit an overly weight woman behind him the bird said, "Hey fat lady, win a prize!"

funniness: 4.56