Bridgette C.

1. Why do teachers tell you to look up a word in the dictionary if you don't know how to spell it? Don't you have to know how to spell the stupid word before you can look it up? Come on aren't they supposed to teach us and not us teaching them? They're teachers! 2. Why do Cristians think sex is bad then when you have a baby they think you are holy? They confuse me... 3. Why do people tell me I'm related to a monkey because we evolved from them, but then again why do monkeys still exist? 4. How bad words get invented anyway? Did some hobo hate cristians one freaken day and say " I'm gonna make something they hate! I know how about words!? What about shit, fuck, asshole,..." Seriously! 5. If there is an Old Navy, why do they sell new clothes? Shouldn't it be called New Navy? 6. Why do people say they're gonna turn that frown upside down? If they did, it would still be a frown and you would still be unhappy! 7. Why is there a state called Virginia? (Virgin-ia)It's not like everyone there are virgins! 8. Why would someone call someone else a freak show? A freak show has to have more than 1 person! 9. Why do people say " Crystal clear " when crystals are not fully clear? Crystals have all those line thingys in em'. 10. Why is there cheese called blue cheese when it's clearly not blue?

funniness: 4.83

rating: PG