Fernando P.

On a regular day the Pope shocked the world when he announced he will no longer permit Jews to live in his city! The Jewish community was outraged and demanded an explanation! ?There is too much violence between our religions? said the Pope, ?Our religions are much too different to coexist? The Jewish community thought that was absurd and argued that their religions have so many similarities that they could prove it without saying a word. The Pope argued he could do the same about their differences. Finding this intriguing the Pope agreed to let the Jews persuade him. On the day of the big meeting the Jews meant to call their most wise and prestigious rabbi, but mistakenly called Joanna, the town?s thick headed trouble maker. It was too late, the Pope established that Joanna was a Jew and so he qualified. The Pope and the confused Joanna entered a private room, they were inside sitting down face to face, no one could hear or see them and the whole world waited outside for the verdict. In silence, the Pope started the debate; he thought to himself this was going to be easy. The Pope rose three fingers up, indicating the three holy ghosts. The Pope was surprised to see a response from Joanna; he raised a single finger, indicating their one and only God. Agitated, the Pope made circles around his head indicating that God was all around us. But then saw Joanna pointing to the ground, indication that God was right there next to them as well. As a last attempt, the Pope took out bread and wine, to indicate that God forgave their sins, but was abashed to see Joanna take out an apple, indicating their very first sin. ?Enough!? said the Pope, ?the Jews may stay.? Outside, the media went crazy asking the Pope what happened ?What can I say, he had an answer to all my arguments? said the Pope. Meanwhile, back with the Jewish community Joanna was being swarmed by excited fans. ?How did you do it Joanna?! How did you convince him!?? Joanna has been scoffing the Pope the whole time, ?Pfft! That Pope! Thought he was all big and bad! Well first, the old man held up three fingers, indicating that we have three days to get our asses out of here. So I raised one finger, telling that Pope that not ONE of us is leaving!? ?Then what?? asked the Jews. ?Then he started doing these circles around his head meaning every single Jew in and around the city will be kicked out! Can you believe the nerve of that guy?! So I put that Pope in his place and pointed to the floor telling him that we are staying right HERE!? Joanna?s fans were in awe, ?Then what! Then What?? they asked. ?I don?t know? said Joanna, ?I figured it was lunch time ?couse the Pope took out his lunch, so I went ahead and took out mine as well.?

funniness: 6.45

rating: PG