Taylor H.

A couple had been married for quite a few years, and the wife, Cheryll, was beginning to worry that their sex life was beginning to weaken. All her husband, Archibald, would do is work all day, and then go down to the pub with his mates, Tim and Jim, get drunk and come home in the early hours of the morning, so they never saw each other. Cheryll confronted Archibald about her worries, and Archibald said that tomorrow she would be pleasantly surprised. Sure enough, Archibald came home early the next night. Archibald told Cheryll to go upstairs to the bedroom and get undressed. Cheryll got very exited, because she thought that something was finally going to happen. When Archibald reached the bedroom, Cheryll was standing there naked. Archibald directed her to stand on her head in front of the mirror. Cheryll thought that this was a bit strange, but it must have been a sex game that he had picked up down at the pub. As Cheryll was standing upside down, Archibald walked over to her, opened her legs and puit his chin in her pussy. Cheryll then heard him say, "Yeah Tim was right. I wouldn't look good with a beard..."

funniness: 5.75

rating: R