Jack L.

THE VIRUS My name is Jack Dodd my family has been named that for the last 3942.5689 years, men and women alike. I will now tell you the story of how all normal people suddenly over just one day disappeared. One day I was walking along a river bank [hologram] and I saw a frog pulsating on the ground and then it exploded suddenly. I couldn?t think why, I had never heard of frogs exploding anytime in my normal life that I enjoyed very much, because it was normal. As if that was not enough un normalness for one day as I continued on my walk I saw a person on the bank on the other side of the river who had gone green for some reason and then he too exploded. Being a normal person though I minded my own business but as I look back on it now though I should have told someone. When I got back from my walk I made myself a drink of prune juice that my father had told me never to drink for some reason. He said it brought back bad memory?s. In an act of defiance though I had drunk some and been hooked on it ever since. If only I had known what that first pulsating frog meant. I was blind I thought it was a new normal thing that we would get used to but it was not as it turned out. When I finished my prune juice I went down to the shops to get some cows milk like a normal person would but there was something about the normal people they all looked like the junky Who took drugs down the road that played the messed up person in our sector of normalness. It looked like they were fighting an erg that would take over very soon. And then one broke, it was Mr Langly the book store owner [replica books] he was one minute sorting out a book shelf And then he pulled from his pocket a dead frog. He then stuffed it in his mouth in such a way that the books looked at him and then ran away in fright. I looked at Mr Langly and then walked on thinking it was a new normal thing that was going to be normal very quickly. I reached the food shop to get my normal milk that was cow?s milk that was normal. Then made my way back home. I saw more people eating frogs but thought nothing of it and told myself again that it was a new normal thing. Soon it was lunch time it was a Tuesday so I went out for lunch. I went down the road [the road that I lived at the end of like a normal person] and stopped at jingle town a food place that you eat food at like a normal person, a telephone showed me to a table that had a menu on it like in a normal food eating place. That was normal and then I chose what I wanted to eat I chose real chicken this time to treat myself like a normal person. As I ate I saw the telephone that had showed me to my place giving a dead frog to a couple that were sitting on the other side of the food eating place. That was usually normal. As soon as they finished eating they started to turn green and there heads enlarged to twice there normal size. Then there feet started to go bright hang colour. When I finished eating I left the food eating place that was usually normal and went back home I thought about what I had seen but it was to un normal to think about so I continued with my day. As I made my way to my local ping pong club that was normal I saw many people crouching in corners eating frog in such a way as any book that were nearby ran away. This was too strange for me and I did not do well at ping pong that was normal like still a lot of things were. When I got home from my game of ping pong with Bob [was normal] I looked at the day?s paper [hologram] that said nothing about any new normal things happening this week. So I went out to do some gardening of my prized [holographic trees and plants] and then I tended to my pond and then is when I felt it the erg I saw a frog and it looked normal it looked as normal as the pond but I felt the erg that I had seen earlier on my way to the shops. I pulled myself away though I could not work it out I had never felt an erg like that before. IN MY NORAML LIFE. TO BE CONTINUED??? I will post the Virus2 soon.

funniness: 2.29

rating: PG