Jack L.

Alfred is a carott and has lived his life in carott patch 22. Of the farm known as abagrood farm, untill Mr Sod came along it was a good farm nothing out of the ordanary happened there. When Mr Sod did arive though things changed, it was not the farm that Alfred had lived in his whole life anymore. Vegitables began to disapear and then come back torn, broken and scared. One day Alfred was taken away from his old carott patch and into another patch where all kinds of vegitables were put in the ground together. Never before had Alfred seen so many vegitables together. After a few more vegitables arived like cabages and cuecumber, The whole lot of them including Alfred the carrot were moved to a large building. No one knows what happened that day or any of the days when vegitables were taken into the big building only that it was vegitable abusement. The next day Alfred was taken back to his old carott patch after a night and half a day before he would never froget. After another day and a half Alfred dicided to do somthing that would change his life forever. He told himself that it had never been done before, but that might be because no one had ever tried it. He knew what he had to do. Alfred spoke with what was left of his friends and then the whole carott patch. His plan was simple just escape. He knew there weren't many guards because no one expected the vegitables to make a run for it. So it should have been easy but that was where Alfred was wrong. That night Alfred ripped himself from the ground and steadied himself on his roots then wispered to each carott to wake up. After he had got them togehter they left there carott patch behind and made there way across the gap in between the carott patch and the cabage patch. Alfred knew that there was a better chance of escape if there were not to many vegitables with the carotts. So they were just going to take the cabages with them. When they helped the cabages out of the ground. They made there way to the pathway which led them to a fence. The fence was tall maybe a runner beam could jump it but not carotts and cabages, the party of vegitables looked for a way round, One cabage shouted in cabage talk that there was a guard coming so all the vegitables ran for cover but there was none around that would hide two hundred vegitables. It seemed over but then Alfred had an idea. He jumped up onto a mole hill and spoke out to the nervous vegitables. "We must fight my fellow vegitables." As he did the guard noticed the party of vegitables and started to run towards them blowing his whistle. Quickly the vegitables ripped out some tall grass and weeved it together with all the skill in the world. The guard ran for alfred on the mole hill but he did not notice the four carotts holding the tall grass out to trip the guard up. So the guard did trip, but fell forwards onto the mole hill on which Alfred stood twig in hand ready to start hitting the man who fell. Alfred noticed too late that the guard would crush him as he fell. Alfred tried to move but the guard crashed down on him breaking Alfred in half. The carotts and cabages did escape from Abagrood farm and after what was going on in there was discovered it was shut down. ps no vegitables were hurt in the making of this stroy.

funniness: 3.43

rating: PG